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Elite Flights, Robinson R44, HB-ZYD, Fleet Zurich-Kloten
Elite Flights, Robinson R44, HB-ZYD, Fleet Zurich-Kloten

Robinson R44

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Robinson R44 Clipper II

  • Enrolment


  • primary application area





Div. Scenic Flights

Film and photo flights


Private charter

Taxi Flights

  • Drive


6-cylinder Boxer piston engine

260 HP

  • Reach
550 km
  • Speed
200 km/h
  • Seats


1 x Pilot

3 x passengers / student pilots


Built since 1990, the Robinson R44 is a four-seat, single-engine helicopter with a piston engine made by the US company Robinson Helicopter.


The Robinson R44 is the world's best-selling piston engine helicopter.


The R44 has been the best-seller for years. This helicopter is very versatile, convinces with reliable technology, high performance and comfort.

It is excellent for further pilot training, such as commercial pilot training or extension for landings in the mountains.


Every passenger has a window seat in the R44.


In contrast to the R22, the R44 has a hydraulically assisted control system.

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