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Elite Flights, Fleet Buochs, Airbus H125, HB-ZNP
Elite Flights, Fleet Buochs, Airbus H125, HB-ZNP

Airbus H125

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Airbus H125 (AS 350 B3e)

  • Enrolment
  • primary application area






Div. Scenic Flights

Glacier flights

Film and photo flights

Taxi Flights

Material transports


  • Drive


Turbine drive

860 HP

  • Reach
630 km
  • Speed
225 km/h
  • Seats


1 x Pilot

5-6 x passengers


The AS350 Écureuil (now Airbus Helicopters' H125) is a light multi-role helicopter. It was Aérospatiale's first helicopter type to be produced on an assembly line.


In 2010, the highest mountain rescue to date at 7,000 m.a.s.l. was successfully carried out in Nepal with an AS350. The pilot and rescue specialist were from Switzerland.

To this day, the "Ecureuil" - squirrel in German - is also the only helicopter ever to have landed on the summit of Mount Everest


Due to the large cabin, the manoeuvrability and the enormous power, the range of application is extremely wide. That is why the H125 is very popular, especially in the mountains.


Thanks to the ingenious design, every seat has its advantages.

From the rear seat, you can enjoy either a window seat or a direct view of the cockpit.


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