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Our most favourable Helicopter Flights

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You will find the cheapest flights on our Sightseeing Flight Days

Throughout the year we can be found again and again at various events.

On our sightseeing flight days you have the possibility to book a flight for as little as CHF 70.

7-8 minutes Scenic Flight to experience.

Reservations are not necessary - just come by.


More information can be found at Sightseeing Flight Days



Upcoming events 2024


We have decided not to increase our prices for the current year. Because we want to offer again as many visitors as possible the possibility to buy a ticket for CHF 70. to enjoy a breathtaking helicopter flight.


No plans are currently in place for 2024 Scenic Flight Events

 If you are interested in offering our service at your event, please contact us.  

This list is constantly updated. So check back soon.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our events!

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