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Overview cheapest Helicopter Flights

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Sightseeing Flight Day at your event - simply cool

Elite Flights is the recognized specialist for Sightseeing Flight Days in Switzerland.

Attraction as a crowd-puller

Are you looking for a special attraction for a village festival or a trade fair?

Scenic Flights with the helicopter are a very popular attraction and are guaranteed to attract a large audience. In addition, the present helicopter is conveniently often used for aerial photography. These are very popular with the press, the community or the clubs.

Unusual Overview

Thanks to Sightseeing Flight Days, passengers have the opportunity to admire their familiar surroundings from the air.

We offer you this possibility during an unforgettable helicopter flight.


A helicopter impresses with its breathtaking all-round view, which makes a flight a most impressive experience

Autonomous Organisation

You simply assign us a landing and take-off area, and we take care of the rest - from ticket sales to legal issues, safety regulations and the complete flight organization. We ensure trouble-free organization from A to Z.


As a rule, our offer runs autonomously and does not involve any costs for you.


Let us advise you on the possibilities without obligation.

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Gallery Scenic Flight Events

More pictures and impressions of various events of the last years, you can find here

Planned Scenic Flight Events

We have listed all planned Scenic Flight Events for you

Voucher for Loyal Customers

Especially for trade exhibitions we have a very interesting and popular offer.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to order vouchers from us in advance of the event. These either cover the costs of a flight (CHF 70.00) or entitle the holder to a discounted flight from CHF 40.00. This means that CHF 30.00 will be paid by the respective exhibitor.


The vouchers are an ideal gift for loyal or new customers. The exhibitors receive the vouchers free of charge for the time being. Only those vouchers that have been redeemed at the event will be redeemed at the event.

We are happy to advise you

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Our other offers

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